Singularity of WeddingFashionUkraine is a specially open section of showrooms in which every bridal party brand can present its collection, and each guest can review, try on any favorite dress and communicate directly with the designer.

WeddingFashionUkraine offers different formats and sizes of the showroom: traditional «mini-boutiques» with brackets and fitting rooms are possible, miniature lounge areas with cozy sofas.

The Wedding Fashion Ukraine is the main event in Ukrainian wedding fashion that unites wedding brands, buyers and brides.

The Wedding Fashion Ukraine is:
– international exhibition involving regional representatives of various wedding brands, distributors, retailers and wholesale buyers;
– fashion-platform, where Ukrainian wedding brands can perform their collections in individual shows and showrooms;
– business platform, where buyers and brands have the opportunity to negotiate, conclude contracts and expand their markets;
– A fashion festival with Gala Show of the best collections and announcement of wedding fashion trends for the following seasons.

The Wedding Fashion Ukraine (WFU) was founded by Tatyana Arshinnik, the editor-in-chief of the Wedding Magazine Ukraine, and is held at the most fashionable venue in the country – the Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Center.

How it was: The Wedding Fashion Ukraine 2016, October 20-22
– 17 main Ukrainian wedding brands: UNONA, MAXIMA, IdaTorez, Pollardi, DariaKarlozi, JasmineEmpire, Trinitybride, Armonia, Lanesta, Anne-Mariee, NataliaWeddingStyle, KaterinaKvit, laFress, Jade, MaryBride, Dominiss.
– almost 100 buyers, distributors, retailers from 13 countries: Russia, Germany, Austria, Israel, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan and even Thailand.
– 16 special fashion-shows and the final Gala Show of the best dresses according to the Wedding Magazine definition.
– about 800 wedding outfits demonstrated throughout special podium shows.
–3 000 guests – future brides and representatives of wedding business.
– 25 country’s key media, including such glossy editions as the Vogue UA, the Pink, business editions as the Forbs and the Observer, TV-channels ICTV and Inter covering the event.

How it is going to be: The Wedding Fashion Ukraine 2017, October 20-22
– about 30 wedding brands from Ukraine and abroad;
– top managers of the companies-exhibitors and hundreds of buyers, retailers, distributors from Ukraine, Europe, Asia, Russia.
– dozens of showrooms of wedding brands, designers and representatives of wedding business;
– site for catwalks;
– special equipped zones for negotiations and business meetings;
– 3 days of nonstop fashion shows of wedding collections and trends for 2018;
– the final Gala Show of the best wedding collections.
Let’s develop the wedding fashion together – join the Wedding Fashion Ukraine 2017 – we are waiting for you on October 20-22 in Kiev!

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